Dick Hyman’s Lessons on YouTube

Dick Hyman is a tremendous chameleon of a jazz pianist as well as a visionary jazz educator.  His conception of piano playing from the Romantic era through the mid-20th Century is phenomenal, and he is able to demonstrate with clarity and panache many of the techniques of the great jazz musicians. If you can see […]

Chopin’s Scherzo No.2 in Bb minor / Db Major, Op.31

This fantastically entertaining chestnut has been keeping me happily occupied for the last month or so after I enjoyed a friend’s very capable study of it. Chopin wrote four wildly popular scherzos, and this particular piece is precariously perched on a narrow margin between popularity and triteness. It remains however clear that this work has […]

Lennie Tristano

My collegiate piano instructor, Ed Paolantonio, learned his trade form Lennie Tristano, a great but oft-overlooked hero of jazz piano.  This I have always known; what is news to me is that Tristano was blind from birth, a trait that would go on to influence his jazz education methodology tremendously and help shape the way […]