Beethoven’s Symphony No.3 “Eroica” Analyzed

Beethoven‘s Third Symphony, “Eroica” has quite the interesting story behind it, and is often cited as a landmark composition which separated the Classical era to the Romantic.  It expanded tremendously on the symphonic form, and was many times longer than a comparable symphony by Mozart or Haydn.  The excellent San Francisco Symphony — at Keeping […]

Bobby McFerrin at Montreaux

Bobby McFerrin is a master of music, but also of the arts in general — his concerts are focused on breaking the audience free of their bounds and investing themselves personally in the performance, becoming performers themselves.  Removing people of their fears and encouraging them to expore music is the best way to educate and […]

Composition, Academia, Reverence

There seems to be a pointed dearth of groundbreaking composers these days; at least, it’s difficult to pinpoint those who are truly revolutionary and inspiring leaders of the art, since there’s no longer a sense of celebrity attached to knowledgeable and skilled art music masters.  Why is this? I suspect the reasons are (at least) […]

Musicological Purpose?

Is musicological literature valued based on some logical framework of excellence and insight, or is it really a contest of who can write most inspirationally and eloquently?  I’m reminded of a certain presidential candidate whom I support enthusiastically. Then again, maybe while writing about art, it’s ones duty to try to enhance the inspiration encouraged […]

Scott Joplin – Fig Leaf Rag

The Fig Leaf Rag is a composition nearly exactly one hundred years old, penned in 1908 during Joplin’s time in New York City — I imagine he was facing his 40s with a resolve to recapture a youthful exuberance he might have had before, when he first struck out from Texas to make a living […]


Somebody please remind me to write about the difference between the Internet generation’s cultural nostalgia versus that of those coming before. It’s a profound shift in the national rhetoric, and it’s positively fascinating. Technology is a vehicle to organize people who have otherwise been manipulated and culturally defined a priori by major national corporations.


This page and blog will soon be combining with the efforts of my brother Chip on a new page for all of our musical endeavors: Broze Brothers Music, at Expect to find huge quantities of information and commentary there, musical tidbits, and dorky blogging. Combined we address arranging, jazz, music theory, piano, wind instruments, […]