Arranging for Women’s Voices Stepwise

FAQ Style, everyone’s favorite!

Did someone call me?

Did someone call me?

How do I get started?

Figure out the key, time signature, and how many staves you want. Listen to the general structure of the song so you get a feel for the arc of the entire song, as well as the important themes. Jot that down, be you at a keyboard or holding a pencil.

Ahem. Next?

It’s wise to get in the habit of dictating (writing the musical notation down as you hear) the significant parts first. The Alto 2 line is usually one of the most quickly developed, as it often includes the bass line. Most people find the bass line quite easy to dictate. Chances are, if you’re a woman, you might be attracted to dictating the higher parts first. It’s just the way we hear things, make sense of things, and churn it all out into something we can replicate. Always remember, Alto 2 lines are more flexible than bass lines in that they can move to new inversions and use homophony.

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