Arranging for Co-ed groups, Introduction

Good wholesome music.

Good wholesome music.

If you’re lucky enough to scrabble together a handful of boys and girls to hold productive rehearsals amidst incredible sexual tension, creating unique and engaging arrangements are going to be a piece of cake. Co-ed groups not only have the advantages of a ready pool of datable singers, but the vocal range and palette of effects are astronomical. You get the best of both worlds- girls who can sing crazy high and guys who can sing crazy low. What’s not to love about that?

Before you get carried away on a cloud of dreams, the cost of having so many possibilities is that…you have so many more things to worry about. This guide is here to help elucidate the headaches of co-ed groups (such as range concerns and balancing) as well as the perks (composite parts and really cute choreography). However, if you think about it, just mesh together the assets of an all-male group and an all-female group and add a little soap opera drama.

However, here are some general points to keep in mind when you do your co-ed arrangements.

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