Stealing is great

The best way to get better at your craft is study the work of others and practice. And steal.

You should hear the stuff this guy ganked from WendyCappella

Always listening for new things

There was a whole phase in contemporary music when quoting famous pieces was in vogue. The art of “mashup” is when your material is, essentially, other people’s stuff (plug for Girl Talk; I never danced harder at a concert). Brahms is said to have sketched his first symphony on a Beethoven symphony framework…was it number 5, or 9?

Anywho, if you’re looking for a great place to get a plethora of different a cappella tunes, check out A Cappella U. The host, Joey C, has been doing it for several years now, and he gives all sorts of styles and versions that provide juicy material for an arranger. You can download the free podcast here, or you can sign up and pay for 2 bucks an episode to get the full tracks.

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