Explosive discussion did result

I’m on the Society of Composers, Inc. listserv, and there has been a debate raging about the role of modern composers and how to compose. Some people say that audiences should be coddled, some say that composers should write what they feel, some composers are just angry-angry. I’ve been sitting on the sidelines, making general […]

Listen to MyTube

If you want to get an MP3 of a YouTube video, there’s an excellent service called Listen to YouTube that you can use to strip MP3s from videos. Being able to take a tune with you on your iPod or phonograph is pretty handy, especially when it’s “I’m On a Boat.” For real, I made […]

The other end of the girly spectrum

To counterpoint the post below about ├╝ber alto parts, here’s something that shows some excellent soprano work. This is a segment of a Cranberry cover of Wonderwall done by UGA Noteworthy. [Audio clip: view full post to listen] This is a definitely a CD recording: you’ll be hard pressed to find a hall with such […]

Non-traditional notation teaser

Something to spur imagination while I’m working on a new part of the arranging guide: Non-traditional notation. While sheet music is super-handy, and provides a common language to communicate music, sometimes people just don’t speak Wookie, and you have to think outside the box. ~How would you write out parts for someone who doesn’t read […]