Finding a jorb

As graduation draws neigh, there are hundreds of little aca-seniors that are about to enter the marketplace with downcast eyes as the economy struggles more than a bass trying to sing Michael Jackson. However, if you are savvy and creative, all those skills picked up with your collegiate or whatever a cappella group can be nicely transferred or utilized. Here’s a list of things I used to help my joerbhunt.

*Private schools
*Student activities jobs in colleges, YMCAs, or community centers
*Service organizations like MATCH Corps,Citizen Schools, City Year, or other education/service gigs
*Administrative assistants to music ensembles (librarian, personnel management, office assistant)
*Grants or short-term programs, like Fusion Arts Exchange
*Activist with arts lobbying groups, like Americans for the Arts

A lot of these opportunities can be a leg up to something else, or a creative way of utilizing music skills. If you sit down and chart out what you like, what you’re good at, and what sounds crazy, I bet you’ll find something that you didn’t think of before but feel wild enough to give it a shot.

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