The future of collaborative media?

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Although the “Mother of all Funk Chords” video hits way closer to home in content, I’m going to feature this one because I CAN’T STOP LOVING the groove.

This is truly some virtuosic film and audio editing, but it starts from a fantastic idea. As far as I can tell, the constituent videos’ authors have made their initial recordings with no intention of having them used thusly; we can thank the producer for bringing them together. 

The two things that strike me most about this:

How effective the production is even though it is for the most part recorded through terrible on computer microphones. It’s safe to assume Kutiman has done some serious crunching and EQing, but even so… as much of an audiophile as I am I have to admit not being to bothered by the poor quality of some of the samples. It even gives it a somewhat rugged authenticity.


What this type of thing means for collaborative production. Everybody remembers the Postal Service, but soon and very soon distance will simply NOT be a barrier anymore, in any way. I imagine this will result in a lot more and a lot better music and art in general, or at least I would hope this to be the case. It will be an enlightening time for those who choose to utilize it.

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