A little more on Satie

A very good friend turned me on to this lovely little website a few months ago, and I stumbled back on it today while going through my inbox- that once a year event. It’s always fascinating to consider your long dead artistic heroes as *gasp* actual people who had to fill their lives with all […]

Non-Traditional Notation

If you went back in time with only your computer, it’s saved internet cache, and a love for a cappella, how would you teach an arrangement if music notation hadn’t been invented? Well, if you’re Guido of Arezzo, you’ll just invent notation and that will be that…or you could utilize some non-traditional notation techniques. Fortunately, […]

Composite Parts

It seems that there isn’t a quick explanation of a composite part on this website…so here’s one! A composite part is when several parts combine to create one effect. Sometimes it’s used to make bell chords or arpeggios, or perhaps you are creating a sustained tone by fading back and forth between two singers. Maybe […]