Trial by fire

Just do it!

Just do it!

So to celebrate the Fourth of July when all my friends were not in Cape Cod with me, I took the accordion I acquired a month and a half ago to the streets. I didn’t really know any songs other than the Legend of Zelda theme song and a half-baked “Annie Waits,” but hey, holding an instrument when you’re around drunk people guarantees something.

But it was also a kind of tough love, which is very important for a performer or musician- get out of the practice room and do it. A guy asked me to play the Stars and Stripes Forever…which I had to figure out in a hurry (I did learn it, passably). I needed a way to get people to stop and listen, so I made up lyrics to an easy chord progression and called out the passer-bys (thanks to the Moldy Peaches for giving me the chorus). I realized that playing an accordion while walking causes chaos with the bellows. After smiling and trying my best, I came home a much better accordion player than when I left, and more improved than if I had just sat in my room and practiced. Also a big bag of taffy and 16 bucks.

So get out there and do it! Stop being a pansy! So what, you suck, deal with it. Make do with what you can do, and now you’re inspired to practice harder. You’ll learn so much that you didn’t know to practice, and you’ll learn what you really do know and don’t know. Don’t go to a formal performance unprepared, but go hit the streets and see how it goes.

Tough love.

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