Learn a chord. Save a night.

Tons of people have guitars. Affluent people have pianos. Those two instruments are almost as ubiquitous as singing voices (though suffer from far less social stigma), so I think it would behoove society to give some passable instruction to every youth so they could raise the quality of life with a I-V-IV progression at a party. Imagine a world where many more people could play an instrument well enough to have it be an accepted social event- whip out a guitar and make music. Wouldn’t that be bohemian? Instead of insipid conversation or gorging on freshly baked cookies, we could stand around a piano and sing selections from Wicked, with everyone taking a turn at the keys.

Then again, our school systems are failing so hard that high school graduates are effectively ninth graders from 10 years ago, so I guess this dream can wait so Madison can learn how to read.

(But when will she learn how to feel ?)


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Written By forex robot on August 5th, 2010 @ 10:36 am

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