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Trying to regularly post on a blog requires serious cranberry juice. Fortunately, I’ve been drinking plenty, so yes, hello world.

I’ve relocated to Simmons College and am working with the Simmons Sirens, the ONLY group here at Simmons (and yes, an all-women’s college means all-female a cappella group).  I was surprised when I hit the campus to find only one group at a college- I’m used to double digits and special niche groups. There were a lot of culture changes for me, going from a 12-group school to a 1-group school, but I thought I’d open the boards and hear what the world has to say:

Do you have a lot of groups in your area (institution or city, depending where you are)? What kinds of challenges do you face by having a big/small community of aca-groups? What’s so awesome about having so many/few?

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What brings you to Simmons? As a Brandeis alumnus now married to a Simmons alumna, I’m amused. I remember the Sirens as full of spirit, but short on polish. I always had the feeling it was because there weren’t more groups to provide that inter-campus darwinian evolution.

Written By Chad Bergeron on November 17th, 2010 @ 4:00 pm

The world works in mysterious ways. I’ve moved to Simmons as part of their Residence Life team to pay the bills, but also to get a crash course on all-women’s a cappella as the only group on campus. They definitely have that spirit, and polish is being applied. I agree, though, that without competition, there’s no external drive to improve and grow- just internal. I also think they have it much easier by getting money directly from the school, compared to the ever-present fundraising at Brandeis.

Written By Dan Newman on November 29th, 2010 @ 1:46 pm

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