Sounds like...Back in college, I loved downloading the newest podcast of Acappella U. It was a glorious tradition: putting the fresh podcast on my iPod Nano, running on the treadmill in the late morning (when all those kids-who-go-to-class were in their “classes”), and jamming out to Hyannis Sound and Joey C’s commentary. It felt good, even those times that I nearly fell off the treadmill because I didn’t expect the 12 Days of Christmas to be so awesome. I particularly enjoyed Joey’s casual, sometime dorky, but earnestly well-intentioned and spirited analysis. He seemed like a guy that knew what he enjoyed and was sharing it to the people who couldn’t quite articulate what they liked about a bunch of people singing.

Alas, Acappella U is essentially a relic as the updates have withered in the past few years (as well as my exercise regime). Perhaps it Icarus’d by flying too high to the sun by doing HD video segments. I was very excited to see Acappella U doing video workshops with top groups before the CASA Academy was even born, but it must have been too much for one passionate guy to pull off essentially by himself and essentially out of his own pocket.

I tried to find a surrogate aca-cast so I could get my ears and legs back into shape, but Mouth Off left a bad taste (pun intended) and Aca Originals didn’t have the allure of cover songs (I was a composer, and I had heard enough of “new music”). Not only was I trying to fill the void of clever arrangements and comparative listens, but the podcast personality of Joey C just couldn’t be replicated.

It is with excitement that I start to listen to Chad Bergeron’s Acapodcast, hoping to find a new holy grail and running mate. From the sound of Episode 64 that I just started to listen to, signs are looking good. I’ll be popping over there to see if Chad can fill a Joey-sized hole, and at least hitting the gym a couple more times.

If you’d like to listen to Acappella U, they have things on their website, YouTube Channel, and even on iTunes.


Dan, thanks for the plug, but, oh, the timing. You might have noticed that there hasn’t been a new episode in months. At least there are almost 5 years of archives for you to catch up on.

I started the show at a time when there wasn’t anything else out there (I actually started the project before Joey got his going), but in many ways I’m not sure if it will continue. Amongst other things, it’s been brutal to work out deals with the ASCAP/BMI folks, and I just never had the clout that the Mouth Off guys do to get groups to send me new material.

Heck, I’m deis ’00, and a member of one of the RbG progenitor groups (Ask Rausch or Koren!), and it took you this long to find my show….. gotta say, that hurts a bit. *grin*

Written By Chad on November 29th, 2010 @ 4:49 pm

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