Advanced Explorations

After learning a few general concepts about arranging, it’s time to dive right in and start playing around with ideas, and practicing in a truly hands-on sandbox of musical grit. It’s a dirty job, arranging is, and the only way to truly get going is to have people nearby who are willing to sing your arrangements… or obligated to. As you work through this process, specific topics in this section will help guide the way by infusing your brain with new specific ideas — new ways to arrange, new textures to try, and new paths to forge, if need be. Each will be specific and targeted; as you bumble your way through, you’ll have resources of many years of experience to consult in the pages below. Again, we subscribe to a principle of non-linearity, since a step-by-step guide would beat the creativity out of aspiring young arrangers faster than grade school. If you have any questions or comments, please post them, so we all can benefit — we’ll field any questions at the bottom of the page.


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Hey, cheers for a really informative and entertaining guide; I wish I’d found this ages ago!

FYI, you have a few broken links in the list on this page: some are missing the /advanced-explorations/ in the address, and some have it twice…

Written By Mike on January 1st, 2013 @ 8:01 pm

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