Beethoven Played on Period Instruments

One of the biggest issues of this ossified study of hundred-some year old music is that our university students are being taught that Beethoven, for instance, is forever… or at least his music is.  We play them wonderful excerpts recorded on Steinway 9-footers of his Sonatae, and it never occurs to the young initiates that […]

A little more on Satie

A very good friend turned me on to this lovely little website a few months ago, and I stumbled back on it today while going through my inbox- that once a year event. It’s always fascinating to consider your long dead artistic heroes as *gasp* actual people who had to fill their lives with all […]

Cheap in the City

For those of you who like hearing good music, never fear the bargains! In any city, good music is only a rush ticket or partial-view seat away.

Paganini vs. Paul Gilbert

If you can see this, then you might need a Flash Player upgrade or you need to install Flash Player if it’s missing. Get Flash Player from Adobe. Man, I love Paul Gilbert. Stupid-fast metal guitar always appeals to that pick wielding side of me, and he has such a sense of humor about it. […]

Haydn’s Head – Symphony No.1 in D Major

You know, the one that was severed by graverobbers trying to associate his cranial topology with intellectual capacity? The process of stealing the head was, apparently, not pleasant, since decomposition had set in and the smell was strong (Ed. note: @!!?!?!?!) However, Peter and Rosenbaum succeeded in cleaning the skull and duly carried out their […]