Ohio State Hello

An update on the state of things — Graduate school calls, and I’ve begun work on a PhD in Music Theory and Cognition at the Ohio State University, working under David Huron. Things are chugging along quite nicely, and I’m slowly getting into the groove of things, so to speak. Surprisingly, though, there’s not much […]

SmarterMusic Renaissance

Really cool news here- SmarterMusic was recently named on a list of the 100 Best Blogs and Websites for Innovative Academics by accreditedonlineuniversities.com. Cool! I’m sure there are some good ones in that list as well, and we’re happy to be included. Stayed tuned in the coming months for a lot of activity on this […]

New neighbor in town

Howdy campers, and well met! My name’s Dan, and I’m a newly inducted member of the SmarterMusic family. It’s a pleasure to be here. I’ve been music directing a co-ed all-genre a cappella group called Rather Be Giraffes at Brandeis University for almost four years now, as well as years and years of orchestra and […]

Nu Again

To all a wonderful 2009 — we’re off to a great start already, I should say. With best wishes for the new year, we’ll be looking to greatly expand our a cappella arranging SmarterGuide, and begin work on a new SmarterGuide: Music Theory for Singers. Our New Year’s Resolution is to have a stellar first […]

SmarterGuide to Arranging A Cappella update

Hey campers, A few more pages are coming this weekend in Advanced Explorations, complete with audio examples and scores to listen to.  Also expect this to include an example step-by-step and more FREE ARRANGEMENTS. Everybody’s favorite.  Stay tuned and thanks for the patience as we generate content!

SmarterGuide to Arranging in the works

SmarterMusic is growing in fits and starts, and the SmarterGuide to A Cappella Arranging is off to a particularly fitting start! Two consecutive music directors of the UNC Achordants (and chief arrangers) are currently collaborating in various backrooms of the halls of academia to bring you the most comprehensive and in-depth guide available on the […]


Welcome to the smarter music blog! I am always struck at first by the “why” of blogging, and in fact the tiny and short lived blog I wrote only a handful of entries for while living in Asia was dominated by reflexive commentary on the processes of its own creation. Maybe I’ll reproduce one or […]

New Site, New Layout, New Spirit, Nu.

Welcome to SmarterMusic, now with Jjjefff. More soon, of course, but the major behind-the-scenes tinkering with technology is done with. Thanks to Blogsdna for the free theme; in time I expect I will modify it beyond all recognition. But for now, we have a start and a new voice. Music stuffs to follow; first will […]

Request for Forgiveness

Forgive the gap.  Here is what has happened: I went to an AMS/SMT convention in Nashville and learned about the true state of Musicological research. Managed to move to New York City. Cleaned everything up, got some furniture, food, and a good sense of the city. Finished a long essay on Chopin’s Op. 31, applied […]


In transitions — moving, working, writing, applying. More later.