YouTube Commenters on Bernstein

Quite ridiculous are the comments made by YouTube viewers — even with the audio preview feature implemented, comments tend to be somewhat inane.  Please enjoy this art project of a video, of Leonard Bernstein conducting Shostakovich’s Symphony No. 5. If you can see this, then you might need a Flash Player upgrade or you need […]

Holst – Jupiter

Kirei neeeeeeee…. I had never heard this piece until it came as one of the preset ringtones on my Japanese cellphone. Trying to fit so much intense melodicism through that tiny little speaker didn’t really do it justice though, I have to say. For a while, it even served as my alarm clock sound in […]

Jackson Five Rehearsal, 1970

If you have been involved in producing music for stage or recordings, you are probably well familiar with the trials and tribulations of rehearsal–especially when your bandmates have trouble focusing and a penchant for doodling around.  Or is that diddling?  Either way, I’m quite reassured to know that an act as high-quality and successful as […]

On Beethoven’s Conducting

Among the violinists was the composer Ludwig Spohr (1784-1859), who was astounded by Beethoven’s conducting style, noting how he used “all manner of singular bodily movements. As a sforzando occurred, he tore his arms, previously crossed upon his breast, with great vehemence asunder. At piano he crouched down lower and lower to show the degree […]