More Cranberry juice

Trying to regularly post on a blog requires serious cranberry juice. Fortunately, I’ve been drinking plenty, so yes, hello world. I’ve relocated to Simmons College and am working with the Simmons Sirens, the ONLY group here at Simmons (and yes, an all-women’s college means all-female a cappella group).  I was surprised when I hit the […]

Learn a chord. Save a night.

Tons of people have guitars. Affluent people have pianos. Those two instruments are almost as ubiquitous as singing voices (though suffer from far less social stigma), so I think it would behoove society to give some passable instruction to every youth so they could raise the quality of life with a I-V-IV progression at a […]

Autotune Magic

The Gregory Brothers, more popularly known as the people who Auto-Tune the News, are not only satirically cunning, but they use their musicianship in a particularly effective manner. If you don’t troll YouTube like I do, seeking out memes and delighting in double rainbows, Auto-Tune the News is when popular/recent news clips are set to […]

That old honkey-tonk

I just finished watching Avatar: The Last Airbender, which I must say is an awesome TV series. Evidently the movie was a shame, which pains me considering that the TV series was so good. It’s the kids of series where you don’t want the show to end because you’ll miss the characters so much. Kind […]

First-time arrangements, Third Installment

~I wholeheartedly support all kinds of research that you can do before putting notes to a page. Steal ideas! Save yourself time! Don’t reinvent the wheel with every new arrangement, especially if you’re cutting your teeth for the first time. ~Ostinatos, or repeated bits of music, make teaching and retaining a lot easier…so you should […]

Finding a jorb

As graduation draws neigh, there are hundreds of little aca-seniors that are about to enter the marketplace with downcast eyes as the economy struggles more than a bass trying to sing Michael Jackson. However, if you are savvy and creative, all those skills picked up with your collegiate or whatever a cappella group can be […]

Listen to MyTube

If you want to get an MP3 of a YouTube video, there’s an excellent service called Listen to YouTube that you can use to strip MP3s from videos. Being able to take a tune with you on your iPod or phonograph is pretty handy, especially when it’s “I’m On a Boat.” For real, I made […]

Non-traditional notation teaser

Something to spur imagination while I’m working on a new part of the arranging guide: Non-traditional notation. While sheet music is super-handy, and provides a common language to communicate music, sometimes people just don’t speak Wookie, and you have to think outside the box. ~How would you write out parts for someone who doesn’t read […]

Techno remixes- the next frontier of satire

For those who aren’t up and savvy with their Christian Bale celebrity gossip, our recent Batman was caught on tape verbally beheading some poor dude on the set of Terminator 4. Just a heads up…it’s pretty much just strong language. Here’s the original rant, which was followed by a techno remix, R&B/Club remix, and my […]

SmarterMusic Thought Of The Day – Atonal Expansion

Your SmarterMusic Thought Of The Day: [Audio clip: view full post to listen]