Most broken images are now restored, so at least the resources in place are functional. Wondering whether this will be a reborn blog for musically sensitive folks, or a guide to a cappella from the same crew. Somewhat up for grabs! Here’s to celebrating uncertainty.


Not sure where this comes from — but danceability is where it’s at!

Update on Hide Me Down

Well, I did it, and it was one hell of a blast. Here’s the audio from the Finale arrangement, scored for fake voices. Sorry about the audio clipping, but mp3 compression is cool like that. [Audio clip: view full post to listen]

Slow and Hidden

I’m starting work on an arrangement for the Simmons Sirens and I’m currently in the Land of Potential under the Shadow of OverAmbition. It’s a scary place. They asked me to do an arrangement of “Slow Me Down” by Emmy Rossum, and I decided to fully blend it with Imogen Heap’s “Hide and Seek”. Not […]


Back in college, I loved downloading the newest podcast of Acappella U. It was a glorious tradition: putting the fresh podcast on my iPod Nano, running on the treadmill in the late morning (when all those kids-who-go-to-class were in their “classes”), and jamming out to Hyannis Sound and Joey C’s commentary. It felt good, even […]


To those who read Pitch Perfect by Mickey Rapkin, you may remember the opening chapters about how the Divisi, an all-female group at University of Oregon, competed at the 2006 ICCAs singing Usher’s Yeah. In the book it talked about how it was a crime that they didn’t win, a crime tantamount to supposedly-biased Russian […]

More Cranberry juice

Trying to regularly post on a blog requires serious cranberry juice. Fortunately, I’ve been drinking plenty, so yes, hello world. I’ve relocated to Simmons College and am working with the Simmons Sirens, the ONLY group here at Simmons (and yes, an all-women’s college means all-female a cappella group).  I was surprised when I hit the […]

Autotune Magic

The Gregory Brothers, more popularly known as the people who Auto-Tune the News, are not only satirically cunning, but they use their musicianship in a particularly effective manner. If you don’t troll YouTube like I do, seeking out memes and delighting in double rainbows, Auto-Tune the News is when popular/recent news clips are set to […]

Portamental is Born

We are now Portamental—and an official dot-com!  What is Portamental? A portamento is fluidity of pitch in music.  It’s a slide from one pitch to another, blurring the boundaries between notes.  Portamental is mental fluidity, playing with concepts, eschewing quantization for analogue, or even vice-versa.  Don’t worry, though, the SmarterGuides are still here. Why the […]

That old honkey-tonk

I just finished watching Avatar: The Last Airbender, which I must say is an awesome TV series. Evidently the movie was a shame, which pains me considering that the TV series was so good. It’s the kids of series where you don’t want the show to end because you’ll miss the characters so much. Kind […]