Ear Training

What is ear training, you may ask…aural weightlifting? Yes-ish. Ear training covers the practical skills of music theory and musicality in general. It’s a way of strengthening neural connections that deal with hearing and making sense of what you hear. In a way, ear training is jogging for your right temporal lobe.

What you gain by having a well-developed ear-training regiment is the ability to dictate melodies and harmonies (write down what you hear), remember tunes and progressions (memorize what you hear), sight-sing what you see or have heard (reproduce what you hear/see), and impress people with the size of your auditory cortex (and get free drinks from admirers). How this translates into practicals skills: write down melodies for music arrangements, sight-sing a piece of music you’ve never seen or heard, whistle the new Katie Perry song after one listen, and so on.

Ear training should be a part of every musician’s training, and it doesn’t really ever end. It’s a skill, just like knitting or digital electronics, that can fade with disuse. Therefore, y’all should be visiting these pages on a regular basis, or at least doing your ear training exercises in the comfort of your home. Ear training can be fun, as well as something that you can do while chilling out on a bus or listening to music for pleasure. Then again, all music education be fun if you look at it the right way. Same thing with elections, blood transfusions, and statistics class.


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