SmarterGuide to Arranging: Bell Chords in Transcriptions

Now that we’ve looked at some fundamentals of bell chords, it’s time to look a little more closely at how this technique can play a role in an arrangement. Certainly in the case of Clocks, the bell chord is crucial to recognizing the song — in these cases, a direct transcription is probably necessary. Other […]

Midnight Ramblers sing Army by Ben Folds

I’ve stumbled across a really excellent performance by a spirited a cappella group with an arrangement that really caught my eye.  Of all the others of this song I could find (save the Stereotypes), this is the only one that was particularly entertaining: If you can see this, then you might need a Flash Player […]

Arrangement: Army

Another one already, you say?  Sounds great.  This track was inspired in a large way by the Ben Folds Live CD — the excitement of the crowd in singing the descant part along.  This is a strong arrangement, and takes a very different tack than Don’t Stop Me now.  Here, the parts aren’t as difficult […]