Guitar From the Ground Up

Guitar is wicked cool. You know it in your bones; I know you do. You’ve grown up watching MTV rock stars shimmy and gyrate in that post-Elvis mold. You’ve seen the old videos of Eric Clapton and Jimi Hendrix in their heydays coaxing lava from Stratocasters. You’ve seen Bob Dylan’s woody box of protest songs […]

Technological Advancement

It’s been often stated that technological advancement has helped propel humanity towards a life of leisure, increasing our free time and reducing the amount of time we need to work.  But despite this, it seems that most people are all willing to put in overtime hours instead of doing what they might otherwise claim they […]

Dick Hyman’s Lessons on YouTube

Dick Hyman is a tremendous chameleon of a jazz pianist as well as a visionary jazz educator.  His conception of piano playing from the Romantic era through the mid-20th Century is phenomenal, and he is able to demonstrate with clarity and panache many of the techniques of the great jazz musicians. If you can see […]