An historical

Something of a language-evolution-now observation: I had always thought that “an historical” is wrong, and the result of us getting lazy with our aspirated “h” sounds. It should be printed as “a historical,” at least for now. Nonetheless, I and many others pronounce it “anistorical” when speaking quickly, so I’m totally down with not pronouncing […]

The Music We Say

That would make a pretty grand book title wouldn’t it?  Dibs! I have been thinking about the musicality of inflection patterns in day-to-day speech (previously here, here), and my friend Jason brought some new information to light on the cognition of speech and music.  As it turns out, some new research is being conducted on […]


This is such a delightful word I have caught myself using, and is particularly noteworthy in its conventionality of etymology.  It seems to me (and others) that its slow introduction to the English language is due to the Spanish word for “storm,” tormenta.  Slowly — possibly through the American/Mexican border, the word has begun to […]