Request for Forgiveness

Forgive the gap.  Here is what has happened: I went to an AMS/SMT convention in Nashville and learned about the true state of Musicological research. Managed to move to New York City. Cleaned everything up, got some furniture, food, and a good sense of the city. Finished a long essay on Chopin’s Op. 31, applied […]

Beethoven’s Symphony No.3 “Eroica” Analyzed

Beethoven‘s Third Symphony, “Eroica” has quite the interesting story behind it, and is often cited as a landmark composition which separated the Classical era to the Romantic.  It expanded tremendously on the symphonic form, and was many times longer than a comparable symphony by Mozart or Haydn.  The excellent San Francisco Symphony — at Keeping […]

Composition, Academia, Reverence

There seems to be a pointed dearth of groundbreaking composers these days; at least, it’s difficult to pinpoint those who are truly revolutionary and inspiring leaders of the art, since there’s no longer a sense of celebrity attached to knowledgeable and skilled art music masters.  Why is this? I suspect the reasons are (at least) […]

Musicological Purpose?

Is musicological literature valued based on some logical framework of excellence and insight, or is it really a contest of who can write most inspirationally and eloquently?  I’m reminded of a certain presidential candidate whom I support enthusiastically. Then again, maybe while writing about art, it’s ones duty to try to enhance the inspiration encouraged […]